An Alias security door is beauty in security with an eye on the future.

Since its inception, ALIAS has revolutionised the concept of the security door, rethinking it as a design – as well as a product – with high added value, in which the functional aspect and the aesthetic dimension coexist and combine perfectly. In addition to being the ideal solution for making homes safer and more high-performance, an ALIAS door is, in effect, a piece of furniture, a design element capable of adapting to the style of the environment into which it is introduced, enhancing balance and style. The attention to your needs and desires is also reflected in the vast range of collections of finishes and coatings offered: contemporary or classic, in a range of materials. The goal is to provide the maximum freedom of choice between different customisable security doors, in harmony with the domestic furnishings and with the other interior doors. In addition, with the line of burglar-proof gratings, a natural complement to security, signed by Alias, you protect the entire perimeter of your home. Safety, performance and design, not only for the front door but also for all other entrances, such as windows and French doors.


Solidity, resistance, and durability are the fundamental requirements of a product that was created to make a house inviolable, safeguarding those who live there. For this reason, ALIAS security doors are designed to ensure excellent performance from every perspective, from anti-burglary efficiency to soundproofing and thermal break values. From the design phase up to the installation of the door, every choice is guided by the goal of meeting your needs with a product of the highest quality. This is why in all models the door and frame structures are made from galvanised steel, and the doors have double insulation and are equipped with patented systems that make installation easier. All ALIAS security doors are equipped with anti-burglary, thermal transmittance and soundproofing certificates issued by Europe’s most notable test institutes. 


You can find our collections all over the country and in particular in the largest urban centres like:

Bergamo, Milan, Varese, Brescia, Genoa, Florence, Bologna, Ancona, Rome, Naples and many other cities and countries.


It is not easy to choose a security door and, even more, to choose the right one for your home.

You have to reconcile the performance needs with the aesthetic needs dictated by the type of architecture in which it will be immersed and the context in which it will be installed: is it directly exposed to atmospheric agents? Inside a noisy apartment building? In a windy area? Cold? Dark? Exposed to salt?
It is not easy, also because the economic value you give to this investment should be the same that you would place on home security and the safety of your loved ones.

Below, we summarise the various types of security doors in our proposals, which we can distinguish by “aesthetic-functional” and “performance characteristics”.


  • Flush-to-wall interior doors: design elegance blends with maximum safety. With the flush-to-wall installation, the doors integrate perfectly into the environment, creating aesthetic continuity without sacrificing protection.
  • Flush-to-wall exterior doors: the perfect mix of style and security. The wire wall enhances the external architectural aspect without compromising the strength and protection of the security doors of excellence.
  • Flush doors: synthesis of elegance and robustness. With the linear opening and closing system, they blend harmoniously with the surrounding environment without sacrificing reliable protection and a refined style.
  • Double-leaf doors: synonymous with grandeur and majesty. A wide opening that welcomes you with elegance and functionality, ensuring all the safety of resistant materials and advanced technical solutions.
  • Glass doors: bring light and design into your home without compromising safety. The beauty of glass is combined with the strength of high-end materials. You can have a bright and welcoming environment without sacrificing protection.
  • Doors with keypads for motorised locks: the combination of technology and safety. All the convenience of automatic opening and closing without sacrificing maximum protection.
  • Security doors for interiors, panic rooms and hotel: total protection at the most critical moments. These security doors are designed specifically for the sleeping area or as security rooms (panic rooms). They are an impregnable barrier against unwanted intrusion.
  • Security doors with traditional cladding panels: the timeless appeal of classic panels blends with state-of-the-art security. These security doors offer a touch of tradition and style without sacrificing innovation.
  • Security doors with contemporary cladding panels: contemporary design combined with maximum safety. Modern panels are distinguished by their minimalist and innovative appearance, offering an elegant and safe solution.


  • Anti-burglary performance: Alias security doors guarantee a proven burglary resistance according to European standards, offering at least an anti-burglary class 3 (resistance up to 20 minutes to manual break-in attempts) and an anti-burglary class 4 (up to 30 minutes resistance to manual and electrical break-in attempts).
  • Fire resistance: our doors offer fire resistance with different sealing capabilities (30, 60 and 90 minutes) and the possibility of panels’ customisation, allowing a safe escape route and a harmonious design.
  • Water, air and wind resistance: Alias’s doors guarantee water, air and wind resistance thanks to special kits certified according to European standards.
  • Soundproofing: thanks to certified kits, we offer sound insulation up to 44 dB. In addition, we provide models for indoor spaces that offer a certified sound insulation value of 33 dB, which is twice the one of traditional interior doors.
  • Heat insulation: we achieve exceptional soundproofing levels thanks to a new patented generation of doors with a thermal transmittance reduced by about 3 times compared to standard security doors, allowing significant energy savings and a contemporary eco-sustainable architecture.


Among Alias’s proposals, you will find an infinity of “clothes” which can cover your door. You can choose from a variety of materials and colours. It all depends on the performance you want to achieve and on your aesthetic needs. Here you can browse and download the pdf of the colour samples of some proposals:


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