DREAM EI2-30 Hotel

Key management for facilities that do not normally have a concierge and that are managed by one or two people at most can really be a problem, however easily overcome.

Standard acoustic set – 33dB
Break-in resistance: class 2
Fire Resistance – 30 Min.

Alias has combined the possibility of fitting an electronic lock offering a high standard of security and maximum comfort to their entryway security doors and elegant and lightweight flush-to-wall interior security doors.
In this way, we have greatly simplified the lives of owners and their guests.

How does it work?
In simple terms, it allows you to remotely manage the locks on both your front door and those of your Dream interior doors to the various rooms.
With the Argo Iseo app installed on your smartphone, you can open and manage access to any Alias security doors that have the “Smart” motorised lock installed.
Click-proof security that does away with the need for you to rush over to hand over or pick up keys, or worry that they may have been lost or reproduced without permission.
Check-in and check-out can take place at any time, without the need for the owner to even be present.
Access management has never been so intuitive: ease of use and security have been combined in a whole new way, predicting the future of access control.
For example, you can manage the electronic locks of a Bed & Breakfast with a smartphone, handing the “keys” over to guests just by sending a message.
No more rushing to hand over or pick up the keys, no worries that they will be lost or even duplicated without permission; check-in and check-out is no longer a problem.
You can set the times/days for access, and when they are no longer needed, the key can be deleted, ready to welcome new guests.