ALIAS “Beauty in Security”

Founded in 2002 by the far-sighted vision of Dario Vaccari alongside the technical support of Maurizio Castignoli, Alias is now a market leader in security allied with design as a manufacturer of security doors.

Since its inception, the company has redefined the boundaries of its industry, launching truly innovative products onto the market, thereby becoming the key player in a successful entrepreneurial venture that has allowed it to record incredibly accelerated revenue growth. 

Unique in its sector.

Its strong identity, recognised not just nationally for its Made in Italy excellence, is certainly due to its great vision.

 “Looking to the future to get ahead of the curve” has always been its motto, and meeting the future needs of the general public – by creating new ones – required courage. 

The courage for constant investment in “Research & Development” and in the varied professional skills and abilities of people, to always go beyond the limit of acquired know-how. 

Thus, the word “innovation” is not an a priori concept at Alias, but the result of an ever-evolving daily journey.

The company now has over 160 employees (there were just 15 in 2002), occupies over 10,000 square metres and collects the long-time legacy of a professional team of engineers, architects, and designers who, each day, develop increasingly advanced products in terms of their technical performance and aesthetic solutions.  

The entire “research – design -production – packaging – shipping – after-sales service” cycle, namely the entire production chain, occurs within the company and under its direct control.  

For this reason, the careful research of materials and technological solutions succeeds in enhancing its taste for impeccable detail, in a tension towards an ideal of beauty that involves all departments of the business.

New structures, combined electronic lock systems, security solutions & design for the home, the office, and even for tourism/hotel facilities.

Alias collections undergo continual and rigorous factory checks and testing of their anti-burglary performance and thermal and noise insulation by prestigious Italian and international certification bodies. Today, they are a genuine symbol of “Made in Italy” excellence for the reference market – the foreign market now counts more than thirty countries including: France, Belgium, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Poland, Croatia, Slovenia, Switzerland, China, Greece, Czech Republic, Russia, Bulgaria, Albania, Romania, Latvia, Israel, Iran, Azerbaijan, Arab Emirates, Morocco, Algeria, Nigeria, Brazil. 

Alias participates intensively in the development of European standards and contributes to their dissemination, knowledge, and correct application, also by being a member of the Exterior Door Manufacturers Group of FederLegnoArredo’s EdilLegnoArredo Association – the Italian Federation of Wood, Cork, Furniture and Furniture Industries.

Among the various international events that have seen Alias leading the security world, there is the Milanese Made Expo – the most important international event offering a preview of the most significant innovations in the world of construction and architecture.

ALIAS exterior doors are made from eco-friendly and recyclable materials.


The company has made continuous research on its mission, renewing its products to interpret contemporary lifestyles and trends better.

The proof is the important recognition of the ADI – Industrial Design Association, which has selected in the ADI INDEX the “Wing Wall EI2-60” flush-to-wall fire-resistant security door, a product which competed for the prestigious Compasso d’Oro Award.

This is the motivation of the Permanent Design Observatory: “The Wing, Wall E12-60 security door segment is characterised by being positioned flush to the wall and is also the only flush security door equipped with fire resistance features. Wing Wall E12-60 is actually able to exceed 60 minutes of fire resistance in accordance with the recent European standard EN 1634-1. In this way a single type of security door, window and shutter combines distinct qualities, such as burglary and fire resistance, to which the significant thermal insulation (1W/m2k) and soundproofing (40 dB) can be added. The stylistic lines of Wing Wall E12-60 are designed to make it easy to install in the most diverse contexts, also thanks to the various coverings available: a characteristic accentuated, technically, by its significant ease of assembly”.

Official Alias Resellers

A capillary network of retailers selected throughout the country and in the largest European countries is able to offer a reliable service tailored to meet the end consumer’s every need.

The Manufacturing Plant

The entire production chain is housed in its 10,000-plus square metre facility.