Produzione Porte Blindate Napoli

ALIAS has a presence throughout the country thanks to a structured sales network and points of sale and is a benchmark in the production of security doors in Naples.

ALIAS security doors are elegant furnishing accessories that harmoniously blend into any context in which they are installed. ALIAS handles the production of security doors for Naples and the surrounding area, and guarantees a punctual and highly professional service as well as a comprehensive support service. The strength of the company, which has experienced considerable foreign growth in recent years, is the dynamism with which it improves products and adapts them to the increasingly pressing needs of a constantly changing market.

The aesthetic dimension of an ALIAS security door magically blends with the technological and functional aspect of the door itself. In fact, in just over a decade ALIAS has revolutionised the concept of a security door and, without compromising security, has added value by creating a genuine furnishing accessory that is loved by architects and interior designers alike.

ALIAS SECURITY DOORS are the perfect response to secure your home and its contents, thanks to their high thermal insulation and soundproofing performance.

Furthermore, the commitment to innovation and new technologies allows you to choose cutting-edge products with laser welding, concealed hinges and smart closures that allow you to take advantage of different placements of the internal handle without the need for the use of keys or additional knobs, all to the benefit of increased practicality and a clean, simple aesthetic result.

The fact that our security doors are manufactured in Naples also allows you to choose from our ample WING range, the unique and inimitable security door that is completely flush to the interior wall. This range of flush-to-wall security doors are the perfect solution in environments where entrance plays a fundamental role in the overall space, in terms of its size or position, and requires lightness and versatility in addition to maximum security and functionality.

All ALIAS security doors are certified by leading approval Institutions throughout Italy and Europe.