The World of Wing

“WING” is the only real flush-to-wall security door DESIGN SOLUTION that is completely coplanar to the internal wall: “WING WALL”    

Installation is extremely simple thanks to a subframe that has been appropriately designed for this innovative solution.

Alias has developed a crescendo of innovative proposals with and around “WING WALL”: modern security doors designed by architects for architects, created to be easily integrated into the house’s structure and merged into one piece. Collections where the watchwords “minimalism” and “contemporaneity” combine the highest technical performance in a real living project.

Aesthetically lightness, the highest level of security, functionality and creativity come together to create a versatile collection, able to create unique personalised spaces that meet the most diverse aesthetic and functional needs in complete security.

The “WING” line of security doors are manufactured with an innovative closure system.  

From inside, the key turns can be moved or retracted with a simple gesture WITHOUT the use of additional keys or knobs: simply lift the handle to safely close the door and lower it to open, the handle always returns to the horizontal position.

Furthermore, the attention to detail and choice of materials is derived from paying close attention to the trends that come mainly from the furniture, furnishing and design sectors.

In addition to being an element that enriches our homes through style and design, “WING WALL” possesses all the characteristics of the best security entrance doors, whose performance has been certified by the leading authorised Institutes in Europe.