Produzione Porte Blindate Firenze

Manufacturer of security doors: Florence

For security doors in the Florence area, choose Alias. Alias is a leader in the field of security doors and windows, handling the construction, marketing and installation of security doors and gates. Its team is constantly trained and updated on new technologies, ensuring high quality standards. Alias’s professionalism goes hand in hand with its many years of forward-looking experience, keeping pace with the times and using only the most modern equipment. The company provides all of its knowledge and skill in the field of security and anti-intrusion.

Choose the right security door for you

Alias Florence offers a wide range of solutions in the production of security doors, allowing you to find the security door that best meets your needs, able to install models with visible or concealed hinges. The range of colours in the Alias catalogue enable our security doors to be perfectly integrated with classic or modern styles, allowing the choice between a lighter or darker variety of wood, depending on personal preference and the space you wish to create. Security doors at the entrance of the house are not only a significant deterrent against unwanted intruders, but they also represent an effective and active defence system. In fact, the thief is locked outside the house, giving you the opportunity to alert the police or cause him to run away once he realises that there is no way the door can be forced. European security or cylinder locks are installed to withstand burglaries carried out using the thief’s traditional tools, like the screwdriver. You can choose security doors with different levels of security, so you can sleep more peacefully, even with accessories that can withstand the action of shears, axes, electric drills or chisels. In addition to the production of security doors in Florence, for those who want to further increase their level of security, the defender grating system can be installed on french doors. The metal bolts can be painted in any colour in order to match aesthetically with the rest of the windows.