“Comfort” and “Privacy”, in addition to “Security”, are the keywords that you need to have in mind when choosing a security door.
Isolating yourself from the noise of the traffic and all external noise in general, not hearing the voices of the neighbours on the landing and, at the same time, preventing your private conversations from being overheard are privileges that are now indispensable insofar as they guarantee a significantly higher quality of life.
For this reason, Alias provides additional acoustic kits, certified in accordance with ISO 10140/01/02 and 717/1 standards, which enable up to 44 dB of soundproofing to be achieved.

…and for those wishing to sleep peacefully in their bedrooms while also being protected from the environmental noise produced inside the home… there is “Dream”. The security door is designed specifically to separate the interior spaces as well as the sleeping areas and isolates the environment with a certified value of 33 dB, equal to twice the one of traditional interior doors.