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Produzione Porte Blindate Bergamo

In recent years, the need for greater security for apartments has become more widespread: trust Alias Blindate if you are in Bergamo or the surrounding area to manufacture your security door, and combine security with good aesthetic taste. Each door is born from the in-depth study and the synergistic commitment of a variety of professionals, including architects, engineers and designers, who take every care in the detailed design and supervision of the work so that the finished product is in line with our customers’ highest expectations.

We place great importance on aesthetics. The door is not just an element of a home, it is a calling card. Alias Blindate’s solutions were created to be both aesthetically pleasing and to integrate perfectly into a Bergamasco environment. Until a few years ago, the security doors were heavy and discontinuous with the environment in which they were installed.

Alias Blindate has created a new way of interpreting the boundary between the domestic space and its exterior. Thanks to the use of a special recess method, the door can be installed flush. This, coupled with the choice of the appropriate colour, makes it one with the surrounding walls and harmonious with any space. The high quality of the door is also confirmed by the safety and insulation parameters that it guarantees.

According to European legislation, burglary resistance is established through a certification that classifies the door with a value ranging from one to six. Security doors are typically classified with values of 2, 3 or 4. Alias Blindate only produces doors that are certified with values 3 and 4. From an insulation perspective, Alias security doors guarantee both soundproofing and thermal insulation.

Soundproofing allows you to live in your own home in high comfort, especially at night, when silence aids a good night’s rest; The thermal insulation, in addition to ensuring a cool climate in summer and a warm one in winter, leads to significant energy savings by maximising the efficiency of heating or air conditioning systems.

For this reason, an Alias security door not only helps to keep Bergamo safe and comfortable, but saves energy too.