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The 2021 report on safety in Italy by CENSIS shows that Italians do not feel safe in their own homes. Both as a result of post-Covid and for reasons related to a historical and economic context in great turmoil, distrust towards third parties, nearby or far away, has increased. At the same time, the role of private security, both preventive and surveillance devices as well as dissuaders, grilles and burglary and intrusion prevention systems, are becoming increasingly important. While awaiting the release of the 2022 report, let’s take a look at some figures from last year’s report.

In 2020, fewer crimes were reported in Italy than the previous year, but for 28% of Italians the sense of fear and insecurity has risen. That percentage increases to 41.3% in the most vulnerable. More than 50% of Italians show confidence in the Security Guards and private security firms but still according to the Censis, there are 9 million Italians who are still afraid to be alone in their homes during the day and especially at night. Women, millennials and those in the 35-64 age group are more vulnerable and exposed to dangers.

Recent national statistics show that 7 out of 10 burglaries occur in apartments located in the centre of small and medium-sized towns and cities, fewer in the suburbs.

The favourite time for thieves to perform burglaries and thefts remains during the night (and the darkest hours) especially on weekends, but there is no shortage of thefts that occur during the daytime. The preferred point of entry for break ins in at least 1 out of 2 cases is the front door, just behind (45%) we find windows and balconies.

The average time taken to carry out a burglary is just 10 minutes. Often a single room is targeted, usually the bedroom where watches and jewellery (80%) and money (6 cases out of 10) are kept. The minimum value of the spoils from a burglary is estimated to be about €7,000. The picking of locks and entry by crowbar are the two most preferred methods used by thieves.

Italians protect themselves with different tools and safeguards, including:

  • – 2 out of 3 Italians claim to have an security door protecting the entrance to their home (65%);
  • – 1 out of 3 Italians has installed door and window grates;
  • – 37% say they have an alarm system;
  • – 30.3% own security cameras;
  • – Over 6 million Italians claim to have alarm systems connected to a private security company.

The provinces most affected by thefts in private homes in 2021 were:

– in first place, Milan, with 4,866 complaints per 100,000 inhabitants;
– Bologna, second with 4,936 complaints per 100,000 inhabitants;
– Rimini in third place, with 4,603 complaints per 100,000 inhabitants.

Livorno, Milan and Florence, on the other hand, recorded the highest number of thefts reported in commercial establishments; still on the subject of commercial premises, robberies occur most frequently in Parma, Bologna and Milan.

It is highly recommended that the installation of these burglar-resistant devices is scheduled during the autumn-winter period, without having to urgently settle for just any anti-intrusion system in the spring or summer.

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