Alias has renewed its range of colours and materials for it aluminium coverings, introducing a new selection of finishes by Ponzio

The continuous search for technical solutions and the desire to experiment in the field of design has led to the selection of a wide and comprehensive collection of coverings. The aluminium panels that cover the Alias security doors are now available in even more elegant and on-trend finishes and colours. The spirit recalled through the textures, chromatic reflections and the pleasant tactile sensations recreated by Ponzio give even more charm to an object that, up until a few years ago, was considered a purely functional element.

Alias chooses Ponzio: a company with a long and successful history in the aluminium cladding panels industry

In 1941, Giuseppe Ponzio founded a company specialising in the surface treatment of aluminium: Ponzio. In more than 70 years of activity, four generations have followed and the company’s business has grown to take on the design and production of complete door and window systems, curtain walls, accessories for aluminium windows and doors.
Constantly implementing the most innovative technologies and diversifying the range of surface finishes, which has always been the company’s flagship, has allowed Ponzio to become what it is today: a complete company in the aluminium sector.