With well over two decades of experience in the residential field, Alias also devises and creates solutions for hotels and lodging facilities, such as hotels, B&Bs, and residences. Armoured doors and home automation lead to integrated, advanced systems that can be managed remotely, ensuring absolute convenience and utmost security.

It can be challenging to manage the keys of properties which usually do not have a hotel concierge and are run by just one or at most two individuals. With Alias, these limitations can be easily overcome through integration with advanced remotely-managed devices.

Even in Hotels, Residences, and B&Bs, Alias stands for beauty in security, offering ultimate convenience.

Last-minute booking? Even without concierge service, with Alias armoured doors, you can manage access securely!

In addition to the solution for entrance armoured doors and flush-mounted interior armoured doors with their lightweight design and great charm, Alias has combined the option of installing an electronic lock that provides a high standard of security and maximum comfort.

All to simplify the life of property owners and their guests.

Alias integrated solutions allow remote management of both the entrance door locks and the Dream internal door locks in various rooms. With a smartphone and the Iseo Argo App, you can open and manage access to the Alias armoured door equipped with the “Smart” motorised lock. A click-proof security measure that eliminates the need to rush for key handovers or worry about them getting lost or duplicated without permission. Check-in and check-out can occur at any time, even in the owner’s absence. Access management has never been this intuitive: ease of use and security have been combined in an entirely new way, anticipating the future of access control. This makes it possible to manage electronic locks, for example, in a multiple-room Bed & Breakfast, using your smartphone to deliver “keys” to guests with a simple message. No more rushing to deliver or retrieve keys, no concerns about them being lost or, worse, duplicated without authorisation; check-in and check-out will no longer be an issue. You can set access days and times and when they are no longer needed, simply delete the key, ready to welcome new guests.

Beauty in security with a single click, thanks to the integration of ISEO technology with Alias armoured doors, even in hotels and offices.