Security Locks

European Cylinder profile locks

The European cylinder lock is more requested than the old recordable double bit system lock: it is defenetly more user-friendly even if there is not such difference between the two locks as far as the performance is concerned. 

 The most appreciated aspect is the key dimension which is like to that of car key, so it is easy to keep in the pocket. However, this is not the most important advantage, since the real benefits is to allow masterizations to open different locks systems with the same key ( i.e: security doors, door gate, garage).

 Security doors with European cylinder profile has three main features: the lock, the cylinder, the anti-drill defender which protects the cylinder. 

All this components should be quality certified: in particular it is very important the type of cylinder. 

Since the cylinder is the easiest part to replace, it is also the accessory where it is easy to safe money with unexpected results.

European law EN 1627 doesn't foresee all the possible attacks to cylinder.

However, the certification is valid only if the security door is sold with the same cylinder used during the resistance test of laboratory, or it is sold with a cylinder with same degree of security. 

What are the cylinders that are fit for class 3?  

The law  EN1303:2005 foresees a cylinder at least of class 1, for class 1-2-3. 

What are the cylinders that are fit for class 4?  

In this case, the law foresees cylinder of class 2. 

What kind of risks there are if no proper cylinder are used? 

The most serious risk is the intrusion of a burglar. Even if it is not easy at all to attack the cylinder, some attacks are possible,i.e the bumping. 

What is the bumping? 

It is a new intrusion method that is quite widespread in North Europe. High security lock can be opened in few minutes with a particular key and some hits of a small hammer. 

Alias can offer high quality cylinders  that can resist to this kind  of attacks and they are complied with the standard set by the law.